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Aeroglue producten worden geleverd aan een industrie die over het algemeen Engelstalig opereert.

Om die reden wordt deze pagina standaard in het Engels weergegeven.


Every Aeroglue product is a customized solution for smoothening your production process. Aeroglue was founded the moment Royal Dutch Airlines | KLM asked us to develop a solution for repairing polycarbonate interior aircraft parts. Standard glue solutions did not bring them the desired results - therefor KLM asked us to come up with an alternative.

The solution we came up with was a colorized ultra-violet glue, dedicated to bond polycarbonate plastics in the Boeing 777 passenger jet, including a nifty micro-dosing feature and UV curing light system. This solution not only saves KLM hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, but it also saves them tons of working hours, eliminating a huge amount of waste plastics all the same.


Every Aeroglue product contributes to your ultimate tooling solution. We can rely on our own laboratory, always finding the bonding results you are looking for, we simply design it when it's not available. So, Aeroglue offers successful innovation for any bonding challenge.

Aeroglue and the environment

Glue as a substance can hardly be called ‘sustainable’ because it will join materials together, irrevocably and forever. From a recycling point of view, this is never a wise thing to do.

However... we think it is obvious that the true function of glue lays in the fact that materials ought to be joint forever, as a purpose. Only then we see the true value of glue for the environment; high-quality glue being a trusted repair solution for long lasting future use, because, throwing things away has never been eco friendly.

About Aeroglue

Aeroglue was founded in 2019 by former product designer Ronald Jan Veeneman. Ronald Jan: "I have always been fascinated by shape, color, and design. But I also have a mind that recognizes business value.... On top of that, my hands can make what I have in mind, and I am gifted with copywriting fingers - at least I think I am :-). In other words, I've always known I wouldn't be just a designer for all of my life....