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My name is Ronald Jan Veeneman, I like to refer to myself as being a 'product developer fSc'. The abbreviation 'fSc' stands for 'from Scratch'. I develop new products exclusively from a blank sheet of paper. This can also be done digitally, of course.
I interpret any 'program of assignment requirements' as fuzzy as possible. Unlike related branches such as design thinking, rethinking, or ideation, I work mainly intuitively. I emphatically consider the development of new products and product ideas to be a creative expertise. Every product idea will be introduced to you including naming, branding, and design, so that you can always appreciate the value of the new product like it already exists.


When KLM asked me to think up a creative solution for repairing plastic tray-tables in the Boeing 777, that product idea also appeared to be applicable to many aircraft, for multiple airlines, and on a variety of aircraft interior items.

This new product idea I presented to KLM now goes by the name of Aeroglue, and is worldwide distributed by Global Aviation, Norcross, Atlanta (USA). The aviation safety certification processes of all Aeroglue products are executed by Sii Group The Netherlands, from the city of Haarlem:

Aeroglue verpakking


I develop new business opportunities on a regional scale as well. Hometown soccer club ‘Sportclub Deventer’ asked me to come up with an innovative solution to mount sponsorboards to their fences, an issue many sporting clubs will recognise; lots of drilling and grinding, in other words, a true hassle. Your fences become damaged and you still have to keep your sponsor boards in position while mounting.

With the ‘Sponsorbolt advertising board clamps’ any field manager can mount  an advertising board right out of its pocket - hop - on to any double wire panel fence. With Sponsorbolt your advertising boards are automatically positioned on the right height, while your fence and boards remain in pristine shape:

Ask our preferred supplier W&H Sports BV about the true benefits of the Sponsorbolt clamping system.

Foto van een sponsorbolt product


Creative professionals tend to use portfolio's to show their creative work, but I'm a bit reluctant to. First reason for this somewhat divergent point of view, is that thinking up new products is very sensitive to disclosure, which of course is something you did not hear from me.
I also like to protect my clients from the socalled ‘not-invented-here-syndrome'; many new business opportunities receive applause when presented but will actually never be introduced to the market for a variety of potential plausible reasons. And the last reason to support my point of view is definitely not the least; your competitors are silently reading along here ;-)

Providing the names of some of some of my clients is no issue of course: KLM, Amerpoort, Elia Asset NV (België), Connexxion Openbaar Vervoer, Sparta Rijwielen, Rabobank, NXP, Gemeente Almere....

Sheltered employment

The Netherlands is a country in which we have committed ourselves to offer people with labour market disadvantages full-fledged job perspectives. In my role of fSc product developer, I contribute to this commitment by offering product ideas to sheltered workshops and day care organizations at a low fee. These product ideas were often rejected for commercial reasons. In this way, these types of organisations can still benefit from well-conceived and fully-fledged product design.

My product ideas always include basic naming, branding, packaging, and graphic design, including a website, even including a webshop, if desired. These are usually not the fields in which these types of organisations know their way around, let alone if they would have a budget for this.
As a result of these well spent efforts we see happy employees who are proud of the products that are truly and solely theirs, products that they produce themselves. Examples? Kruiskaars is already here, and Schork and Trapkwast are also on their way! We like to work on compact product concepts.

Kruiskaars logo logo
Trapkwast logo


Taking care of planet earth is important. But remember, we only have just woken up, realizing the huge environmental challenge we’re facing today. Its consequence? Environmental awareness often funnels into idle mode, still hindered by lacking technical inventions to propel our green ambitions. In the meantime it is probably best to turn back to the original meaning of the word 'sustainable'; simply extending the life cycle of the products we use today.

About me

Somewhere, long time ago, I graduaded High School. After that, I even passed my university entrance exam but decided to go ahead shaping my stubborn creative route in my very own way. I started on the art academy in the city of Arnhem, but switched to the academy of Utrecht halfways. It was only then I realised that my perculiar creative ambitions could not be supported by any education at all.

Not long after, I saw myself landing at a proper design agency. In the end I was stunned to see that designers were consulted the moment clients already knew what product had to be designed. But a newly and well designed product can still be ill conceived….

I am a socially engaged man, easy to deal with, but I do like attention for details. I have many talents, which makes me officially a ‘Jack of all Trades’, emphasizing my resourcefulness, which very much helps me to improvise.

Portrait of Ronald Jan Veenemana

Social media

If you like to learn more about me, you go to Linkedin. Most of the time I write about new adventures here in the studio in Dutch. But when a message also needs to be understood abroad, I write it down in English. That's all folks.