I think up new business.

About me


Being aware of the earth’s well-being is important, and I will continue to commit myself to do so. Be aware however, it is only 2021, and we have just woken up to learn we have overslept ourselves terribly. It’s consequence? Lots of yearning for sustainability and being eco-friendly leads to technical challenges we are not able to face yet. So - in the meantime - maybe it is better, we first go back to the era we could use our products year after year without loss of quality, meaning going two steps forward, we might now have to take one step back again.


My name is Ronald Jan Veeneman and I think up new business opportunities, or should I say 'I think up new things'. Because, not that long ago I used all kinds of high brow terms to explain this unique position, and they all had to do with design, marketing, strategy, and innovation. In the end though, all of these terms result in an international phenomenon called ‘new business development’.

In the end exploring new business is indeed the general idea of this remarkable position. But unlike existing methods for organising new business such as 'design thinking', rethinking, or ‘ideation’ I tend to work much more intuitive, I consider the creation of new business opportunities to be a creative process. This is the reason why I like to refer to my position as: ‘I think up new things’.

Long time ago I graduaded senior general secondary education, preparing myself for pre-university education, certificate included. But then I chose creative design. I started on the art academy in the City of Arnhem, only to continue after 2 years on the art academy in the City of Utrecht. I graduaded this last one in a rather perculiar way, or I didn’t, anyway, I tend to claim that to some extend 'I have purchased my degree', but more to this another time.

Not much later I ended up in a serious design job. After that, completely nothing for at least a thousand years. In the end I was surprised to learn that creative professionals are always asked to do their trick after a certain new phenomenon had already been set-up. But something well-designed can still be ill-conceived….

I am easy-going, but also keen on details. I find lack of details similar to writing without spaces, whatyoureadiswhatyouneed. I am a true ‘Jack of all trades’, very resourceful, because improvising is what I do best.


I was born in 1968 in - according to researchers - the most average town of the Netherlands :-): the City of Apeldoorn*.

Social media

If you like to learn more about me, you go to Linkedin. And if you like to read more from me you go to  Twitter. Most of the time I write about new business in Dutch. Only when a message needs to be understood abroad, I write it down in English. That's all folks.

There are innovators that host new business events, simply by standing on stage trusting there personal interaction skills, wearing a headset, pointing at a beamer, convincing you that tomorrow all will be new and better. I don't work like that.


By instigating our collaboration to find any new business opportunity I like you to answer just 2 questions. Question 1: Are there any issues you bump in regularly? And question 2: Where do you see opportunities in your branch? Answerring this second question will clarify better, what you think is truly important. The mix of these 2 questions will almost always lead to something useful, something new. And if not, I will debrief genuinely to you.

True new business opportunities aren’t always easy to frame. For that reason you will not hear from me for some time after processing your assignment. When we meet again I bring a sketch, a plan, a mock-up, or sample. Based on your interpretation of what I come up with we will see how your organisation can benefit from the new business opportunity I present you. In this way I can bring you new product ideas, new services, as well as new perspectives, in other words, or as I like to say, I think up new things.

Until we agree continue developping the new business idea, you will not be charged. An average new business project lasts about 3 months, which in the end will be funnelled into an investment of about € 5000,- all in.


Creative professionals show portfolios to let you know what they're capable of in terms of making new things. I rather not.
First reason for this perculiar point of view, is that the new business branch is very sensitive to disclosure, which of course is something you did not hear from me.
I also like to protect my clients from the socalled ‘not-invented-here-syndrome'; many new business opportunities are welcomed with applause but will actually never be introduced - for many plausible reasons.
The last reason why I am not too fond of flashing around my innovation opportunities is definitely not the least; on this website, your competitors are silently reading along ;-)

Providing the names of some of my most respected clients is no issue of course, a selection: KLM, Connexxion Openbaar Vervoer, Sparta Rijwielen, Rabobank, NXP, Gemeente Almere....

New business


Some new business assignments lead to more added value than anticipated - way beyond the core-requirements set by the initial client. Assignments like these turn out also to be relevant for other clients, for other new products, yes, even for a whole new market.
When KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) asked me to come up with an innovative solution for being able to execute minute repairs of interior plastics in the Boeing 777, it appeared that this new business opportunity would also work for multiple airlines, in multiple aircraft models, and for multiple interior items. Thus we called this solution ‘Aeroglue’, which is now officially represented by Global Aviation Co, Norcross, Atlanta (USA).

I also develop new business opportunities on a regional scale. Hometown soccer club ‘Sportclub Deventer’ asked me to come up with an innovative solution to mount sponsorboards to their fences, an issue many sporting clubs will recognise; lots of drilling and grinding, in other words, a true hassle. Your fences become damaged and you still have to keep your sponsor boards in position while mounting.

With the socalled ‘Sponsorbolt sponsorboard mounting system’ any event manager can clamp  a sponsorboard right out of its pocket - hop - on to the designated fence. With Sponsorbolt your sponsorboards are automatically positioned on the right height, while your fences and sponsorboards remain in pristine shape.

The Sponsorbolt brand is represented by W&H Sports BV from Nieuw-Vennep (NL).


The Panelpads project was my personal new business contribution to owners of ‘youngtimer’ Volvo passenger vehicles. Panelpads was a range of innovative repairkits for the doorcards of the Volvo 940 and 960-I, the Volvo 960-II and V90, and the Volvo V70 and S70 (1996 - 2000). 
Panelpads products were sold worldwide. However, I had to discontinue this initiative because focus on the many true core-business assets in my portfolio required utmost attention.
But…. here above I share the Panelpads technical drawings and manuals for free, in this way you can produce a Panelpads repairkit for yourself, also because I added some practical workarounds.

Aeroglue verpakking
Een foto van Ronald Jan
Foto van een sponsorbolt product


To be able to comprehend this paragraph I'll first give you a comparison. Songwriters (composers) like Martin Karl Sandberg, Lukasz Gottwald, or the very Dutch John Ewbank or Henk Westbroek often work within the boundries of an assignment. But sometimes a song is literally waiting to be conceived.

Like a composer, some new business opportunities almost introduce themselves without any assignment prior. I write them down and via my personal network I try to find the right artist to perform that very new business opportunity.

Together with Eric Steijlen of 3DPSA we now work on a ‘composer based’ new business opportunity with sheltered employment organisation Amerpoort Groepwww.kruiskaars.com

In a similar way I once tried to sing out a very handy 'composer' based chewing gum dispenser: The Jacket. The Jacket allows you to consume 1 chewing gum tablet from a blister, single-handedly. Cool as a give-away, but also handy when tweaked for aspirine, lozenges, or birth control tablets.

However, years went by and new projects arrived. Candy manufacturers joint forces or shifted marketing strategies, in other words, The Jacket became rather dormant. Until now.

Below you'll (soon) find the printing file of The Jacket, which is now only available for Sportlife chewing gum blisters. Download it completely free of charge and have it 3D printed wherever you like, on 1 condition: It is only available for personal use.

Download The Jacket for Sportlife chewing gum blisters

Photo of chewing gum dispenser