Efficiency by design.

GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation

De GDPR (AVG in Dutch) should actually be about intentions to protect your privacy, not about legal practice. For that reason I designed 12 clear intentioned icons to show you how we care about your privacy.

But if you insist, here you'll find our official - juridical GDPR agreement, plus the GDPR agreement from our American online form maker.

Compatible data

We can always hand over the data we have stored from you in a compatible format, like the RTF or TXT format.

No automated decisions

We are not into automated decision-making using any auto-directive electronic system.

Right to inspect

At you'll always be able to view what data we have stored from you.

Right to object

At you will always be given the opportunity to object to processing your data. Contact us if you wish to.

Right to approve

Prior to our collaboration we'll give you the opportunity to approve using your contact - and payment details.

No newsletters

Your data is used only for the purpose you shared it with us. We do not send newsletters.

Right to alter

At you will always be given the opportunity to alter your data we have stored.


We do take cookies but only as a snack. We will not track you down or bug you with ads.

Right to be forgotten

You have the right to have your data completely deleted from our database.

SSL secure

The website and its related pages are connected to the HTTPS protocol. Sending and receiving data is safe.

No data selling

At we will never sell your data to any external partner or company.

Data storage

At we keep your primary contact details stored for at least 7 years, following official Dutch tax regulations.

AVG / GDPR symbols designed by Ronald Jan Veeneman © 2018.